I will try to present in this page some articles that I consider as useful or interesting (sometimes both!) for the study of High Energy phenomena. I will limit myself to the 500+ cited articles (I know some of you will be afraid and horrified by such criteria.. But this is my page, ok? ;-))). When you will download the article, you will have often a short explanation before it to highlight the important points, and then the annotated original article itself. 

Supersymmetric Dark Matter


Gerard Jungman, Marc Kamionkowski and Kim Griest

This is without doubt the reference article concerning anyone who wants to learn about dark matter in supersymmetric framework. Some chapter are even references for any kind of extension of the SM (I am thinking about the direct detection chapter 7 for instance, which is one of the clearer in the field).

Three exceptions in the calculation of  Relic Abundances


Kim Griest and David Seckel

If you always to understand in details the effect of a pole, threshold or coannihilation, this paper is for you. If not? Bha. This paper is not really for you. More seriously, this is really a nice work to complete other works treating explicitly solutions of the Boltzmann equation. Was at least very useful for me.

A novel determination of the local dark matter density


Ricardo Catena and Piero Ullio

In this paper, Ricardo and Piero give their value of the local amount of dark matter in the vincinity of the Sun (0.39 GeV per cm3) using a statistical analysis around a set of 8 observables. This is the commonly value used in any study of direct detection (the older value was 0.3 GeV par cm3). Good to read for anyone interested to understand how we compute a local density of dark matter.

PLANCK 2013 results : XVI cosmological parameters


PLANCK collaboration

You will find there all the fundamental cosmological parameters you dreamt about for you next favorite article you are working on.

A new inflationary Universe scenario: a possible solution of the horizon, flatness homogeneity, isotropy and primordial monopole problems


A. Linde (1982)

Same as the one on your left. Clear to read, precise, concise, all is there. A beautiful and elegant paper that I urge you to read..

Inflationary Universe: a possible solution to the horizon and flatness problem


Alan H. Guth (1981)

One of the first paper proposing the Inflationary models, and predicting gravitational waves.

Baryogenesis without unification


M. Fukugita and T.Yanagida (1986)

The historical paper concerning the leptogenesis.

Detectability of certain dark matter candidates


M. Goodman and E. Witten (1985)

The historical article where Ed. Witten (yes, yes, the same one who will the same year give us a string revolution) propose the way to detect dark matter directly my measuring energy of recoil of the nucleus. His example? Interaction of a neutralino on Sodium (the DAMA target  nowadays..) 30 years ago...

Unitary Limits on the Mass and Radius of Dark-Matter Particles


Kim Griest and Marc Kamionkowski

In this article, the authors, for the first time compute the maximum dark matter mass allowed by the unitarity limit (asking for the sum of probabilities being less than one). They obtained 340 TeV to avoid the over-closure of the Universe.