For 2017 the program is up to now :

  1. Puce Invited speaker to the 3d Saha theory workshop «Aspects of early Universe», Kolkata, India, 18th of January

  1. Puce Invited speaker, CERN meeting group of ATLAS about invisible Z’, CERN, Geneva, 24th of January

  1. Puce Invited Seminar Fine Theoretical Institute, Minneapolis, USA 22nd of February

  1. Puce Invited speaker, Jussieu conference on DM searches at LHC, April 28th, Paris, France

  1. Puce Invited Speker France Korea Particle Physics Laboratory (FKPPL), Strasbourg May 10th

  1. Puce Invited speaker, Olive Fest, Minneapolis, USA, May 19th

  1. Puce Invited speaker, Multidark Workshop, Madrid, Spain, May 25th

  1. Puce Invited Seminars King’s Colege, London, 6th and 7th of June

  1. Puce Invited speaker, European Physics Society conference, Venezia, June [declined]

  1. Puce Invited lecturer, CP3-Origin, Odense, Denmark, 26th of June

  1. Puce Invited speaker at the Dark Side of the Universe conference, Daejon, Korea, 15th of July

  1. Puce Invited speaker, Conference du Vietnam, September [declined]

  1. Puce Invited speaker GGI conference «Collider Physics and the Cosmos», Florence, 9th of October

  1. Puce Invited speaker IDPASC annual workshop : Frontiers of Dark Matter research, 13th of October

  1. Puce Seminar, University of Bale, 18th of October

  1. Puce Invited Seminar, Unversity of Seoul, 1st of November

  1. Puce Invited talk, SUSY 2017, Mumbai, 13th of December [declined]

For 2016 the program was :

  1. Puce Rencontres Physique de sParticules (RPP) in Annecy 26-27th of January

  1. Puce Invited seminar in Mac Gill University, Montreal, 1st February

  1. Puce Invited Seminar at Fermilab, Chicago, 5th of February

  1. Puce Invited Seminar in University of Minneapolis, 10th of February

  1. Puce Series of 3 Lectures on dark matter searches, IPP, Teheran University, 20th of March

  1. Puce ED PIF lectures (6 lectures of 2h30), Ecole Normale Superieure, during all April

  1. Puce 2 Lectures on Dark Matter and Physics BSM, Bangalore, 2nd and 3d of May

  1. Puce Seminar in Bangalore about the 750 GeV diphoton excess, 9th of May

  1. Puce Invited speaker, RICAP, Roma, 22-24th of May

  1. Puce Invited speaker, Vulcano workshop, Sicilia, 26-28th of May [canceled]

  1. Puce Invited plenary speaker, Bethe forum, 12-18 June, Bonn University

  1. Puce Invited speaker, Dark Side of the Universe conference (25-29th July, Bergen , Norway)

  1. Puce Invited Seminar, Frascatti, 8th of November

  1. Puce Invited outreach talk «to see the invisible» in art gallery of Nancy

For 2015 the program was:

[Personal reasons forced me to lighten it compare to the preceding years. Unfortunately I had to cancel my presence to mainly all conferences where I was invited to give a talk from April till August]

  1. Puce Lecture (The Thermal History of the Universe) at the AIMS Institute of Senegal, from 5th till 13th of January 2015

  1. Puce «Rencontre Physique des particules 2015», January 15th-16th, Paris [organizing committee]

  1. Puce Invited talk in Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) of Moscow State University about the status of dark matter detection in 2015, January 20th

  1. Puce Invited talk for the «Fondation de France», divulgation to find sponsors in private companies, helping young students to obtain fellowships. The thematic was a general picture of the BSM physics of the last 5 years.

  1. Puce Invited for plenary talk for the ASTROGAM workshop, proposing a new satellite project (0.1 MeV-100 MeV) energy range, 26-27th of March, LPNHE Paris.

  1. Puce Talk at the GDR Terascale about SO(10) and dark matter in Grand Unified Theory, Paris 30-31st of March.

  1. Puce Invited seminar at Skobeltsyn Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 6th of April

  1. Puce Invited for a plenary talk at the the HEP annual meeting for Greece, 15-18 of April, Athens [canceled for personal reasons]

  1. Puce Invited for a plenary talk at the SURF conference, 18-20th of May in South Dakota, USA [canceled for personal reasons]

  1. Puce Invited for a plenary talk to the workshop «Identification of Dark Matter with a cross-disciplinary approach», April 27th-May 15th, Madrid, Spain

  1. Puce 6 Lectures of 3h for the Ecole Doctoral Paris Sud [EDPIF] about BSM Physics, June/July 2015

  1. Puce Invited speaker at the annual workshop Heavy Photon Searches (HPS) at Orsay to give the theoretical (and opening talk) status concerning MeV scale dark matter searches; 1st of June.

  1. Puce Invited for a plenary talk at the QFT-HEP conference, June 24th-July 1st, Samara, Russia [canceled for personal reasons]

  1. Puce Invited for a plenary talk at the workshop «Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond» at the CORFU workshop, 1st-11th September 2015

  1. Puce Public lecture at the LPT «Une histoire de particules» [in French], 22th of October

  1. Puce Seminar the string group of University of Tor Vergata, Roma, 30th of October 

  1. PuceEcole de Gif 2015 [organizing committee] September 2015

  1. Puce Lectures for the MOOC [Massive Online Open Courses] of Ecole Doctoral PHENIICS, October 2015

  1. Puce  Seminar the string group of University of Tor Vergata, Roma, 30th of October 

  1. Puce 4 Lectures at the JINR, Dubna (Russia) about the dark thermal history of the Universe, 17-18-19th of November

  1. Puce Invited speaker at the joint IBS/Multidark Workshop Madrid, 23-28th of November

  1. Puce Invited for a plenary talk, Dark Side of the Universe 2015, 14th-18th December 2015, Kyoto, Japan,

For 2014, the talks were :

  1. Puce Seminar at University of Helsinki, 4th of February

  1. Puce Seminar in University of SUSSEX, Brighton 17th of February

  1. Puce Invited Talk at «BSM Physics after first run of the LHC», 7th of April, Warsaw

  1. Puce Invited Talk to the DM workshop Vulcano in Sicilia from 18th till 24th of May.

  1. Puce Invited Talk at the Planck conference 2014 held in Paris, France from 26th-30th of May.

  1. Puce Lecture at the Warm Dark Matter International School Daniel Chalonge, from 2nd-4th of June

  1. Puce Invited Talk at the ISA Russian-French meeting held in Krasnodar, Russia, 18th of June.

  1. Puce Invited Talk at the «Thematic day on Dark Matter», IAP, Paris France, 19th of June.

  1. Puce Invited Talk at the International IDM/TeVPa meeting between  the 23-28 of June

  1. Puce Invited Talk at the Mainz workshop «Probing the TeV scale and beyond» 3d July 2014.

  1. Puce Seminar «Histories of Dark Matter», Orsay, Habilitation thesis defense, 7th of July 2014.

  1. Puce Invited Leading discussion session at Invisible workshop about the status of DM searches, 14th-18th July 2014.

  1. Puce Invited Lectures at the LC Physics School  Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria 11-14 August 2014.

  1. Puce Summer Lecture «A thermal History of the Universe» at the Moscow State University, 18-22 August 2014 .

  1. Puce Invited Talk in the «Physics Challenges in the face of LHC-14» workshop held in Madrid, 15-26 September 2014.

  1. Puce Presentation of the BSM Group in Orsay newcommers welcome party, 09 of October 2014

  1. Puce Invited Multidark/IBS DM Workshop  Institute for Basic Science, Daejeon, Korea from 10th till 21st of October

  1. Puce  Invited seminar at KIAS Institute, Seoul, 20th of October

  1. Puce Seminar at the IPN of Orsay (joint with Polytechnique) on November the 6th 2014.

  1. Puce Talk + working sessions in Minneapolis, Fine Institute of Theoretical Physics, 9th-15th of November

  1. Puce Talk Dark Side of the Universe, South Africa, 20th of November

  1. Puce Seminar in Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) of Moscow State University, 10th of December.

  1. Puce Lecture (The Thermal History of the Universe) at the AIMS Institute of Senegal, from 5th till 18th of January 2015

I give in this page a list of selected seminar or talk I gave in several conferences. The selection was a thematic selection. To have access to the complete list of seminar or talk I gave you can have a look to my CV


«What are we learning from the gamma-ray sky» [30’]

(conference homepage)

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

October 10-12 2013


This was a pretty cool conference, in a really sunny Minneapolis (very nice city under such weather). Fantastic conference dinner and a lot of interesting talks, maybe too much orientated on observation and not sufficiently on Modeling or dark matter phenomenology (just my 2 cents). I discussed there the possible measurements of anomalous Z’ coupling to gauge boson and their consequences on indirect detection experiments. By the way, it was during the Haloween week and I learn that it exist a «Zombie night» there (that I experienced) where streets of the city are invided by Zombies at night. Don’t miss it!!

You can access the pdf or keynote version of my talk.

«Journée collisionneurs linéaires» [30’]

(conference homepage)

CEA Saclay, France

November 27-29 2013


I gave a summary report of the searches prospects in a linear collider from the effective approach, to the mediator case and invisible Higgs width. The conclusion is that the best ILC scenario can compete with direct detection experiments espevially in the regime of low DM mass (below 10 GeV). We also present the possibility to compare the signal with galactic synchrotron signals. You can have access to the pdf or the keynote file. You can also read a nice summary of the conference.

«Dark Side of the Universe 2013» [20’]

(conference homepage)

SISSA, Trieste, Italy

October 14-17 2013

Was great to come to this new SISSA building that I didn’t visit yet. It was an old hospital (and to tell you the truth I REALLY felt like being in an hospital sometimes, especially with these corridors and elevator, I was almost looking for the «uregnce» section...). They have a good cafeteria in the ground floor (I recommand their milk chocolates, just delicious). I discussed about alternative thermal hisoties in the Universe. You can access the pdf file or keynote version of the talk.

«HAP Dark Matter 2013» [30’]

(conference homepage)

University of Munster, Germany

February 18-20 2013


Friendly conference in Munster (city that I didn’t know before). Nice streets, nice climate but too few places to go out during the nights (only few small bars open after 1am near the main church). Discussions was mainly about indirect detection of dark matter and I was asked by the organizers to give a summary of the monochormatic gamma-ray line searches. You can access the pdf or keynote version of my talk.

«cosmology Group Seminar, Orsay» [1h]


LPT Orsay, France

November 19th 2013


In this seminar, I reviewed the recent results/observations concerning some aspects of dark matter phenomenology, especially the new LUX data and its implication on DM models, last constraints on monochromatic line, observations from Galactic Center, complementarity with accelerator searches (LHC and ILC). I have also shown how alternate thermal scenarii can affect the relic abundance measured nowadays. This seminar is for non-specialists who are interested in recent developments in dark matter searches. You can have access to a pdf or keynote version of this talk.


«Recent dark matter aspects of dark matter searches» [1h]


Seminar University of Helsinki

February 4th

Nice stay in a country I did not really know. Finland is seducing, and Helsinki a surprising lively city. Even if winter was really present, always easy to find a hot place in a corner, take a Finnish beer and discuss with local guys. I recommend it to any of you (contact Oleg for that, he can arrange you a trip, hmm..). Ho. Between to battle of snowballs I gave a seminar about the dark matter aspects and recent developments. You can find it here. By the way, moose meats taste like beef at the end...

«Recent developments in Dark Matter phenomenology» [1h]

(University of Sussex)

Seminar Brighton

February 17th

First surprised on my arrival: the weather. Shinning sun after 2 weeks of the «storm of the century» in Great Britain. The campus is nice, traveling from art school to managing teaching. The theoretical physics group is not so big (7 permanents) but very rich. Activities run from General relativity to LHC searches and Dark Matter analysis. The hotel reserved had a fantastic view on the coast. I talked about latest DM result and our last work concerning Z’ studies (LHC/LUX combined analysis). You can find a .pdf version of my talk there. P.S. To see David Bailin in live is always surprising. You want to check the factor 2π directly.. ;-))


«Dark Matter phenomenology: experimental status and modeling» [1h]

(University of Warsaw)

Worshop «BSM physics after the first run at LHC»

April 7th

Always a pleasure to come back to Warsaw where I spend always some time every year. In this workshop, we were (with M. Quiros, G. Altarelli et al.) discussing about the status of BSM physics after the frst run of the LHC. Great ambiance, good food, and still this polish language that I will never catch a word. I was mainly discussing recent results (keV line, Hooperon...) and the difficulty as a phenomenologist to build microscopic models from these data. You can find a .pdf version of my talk there.

«On the validity of effective theories approaches» [20’]

Thematic day on dark matter

IAP Paris

June the 19th

Mmmmmmm.. After 10 hours of flights and RER strike and Air France strike, I succeeded arriving to the IAP on time for their «party day» with brochettes, grillades and a strange bands. Just after, the best show began, the Thematic day on Dark Matter from the Labex ILP. I was ask to deal with the problem of validity of the effective field theory approach when dealing with a 14 TeV collider, and how to combine it with direct or indirect dark matter searches. Sooo great ambiance. Thank you Karim and Marco for the invitation!!! Here a pdf version of my talk.

«Generating a keV monochromatic line»

Worshop «Warm dark matter» [30’]

Chalonge School, Observatory of Meudon

June the 4th

Believe it or not (even if I am not sure it is a really fundamental subject to believe about..) I have never been to Meudon Observatory. There, every year, Norma Sanchez organize this school, promoting the warm dark matter prejudice. Really incredible place, in  a 1667 observatory place, a «back in time» unique experience! School was great, concentrated mainly on the 3.5 keVish line (I was sitting next to Bulbul during this school.. Charming by the way. ;-))). I presented our model we developped with E. Dudas and L. Heurtier. Norma is great, but gosh.. A little bit too pushy sometimes. Do not let her ask a question in the middle of your talk, you will never finish oit (my eprsonal experience). And do not try any cold dark matter promotion (my second mistake of the workshop).  You can find a .pdf version of my talk there.

«From an effective to a microscopic approach: the case of the Z’» [30’]

Worshop Dark Matter i  the Universe

Vulcano Island, Sicily

April 22th

Gosh. I feel ashamed. Three times ashamed!!! Firstly because you were not in Vilcano with me. Secondly because I was not in Vulcano before. Thirdly, because I will surely be back in the next version of the workshop in 2 years. The landscape is phenomenal. The hotel resort, incredible. The food, gorgeous. The workshop ... Mmmmmm.. There was a workshop by the way? Ha, yes, I remember, between two visits to the swimming pool and the fitness center, I decided to talk about the Z’ as a mediator for dark matter searches. Thanks Aldo for this invitation!! You can find a .pdf version of my talk there.

«5 questions about Dark Matter searches» [15’]

Discussion session at the Invisible Workshop

Institut des Cordeliers, Paris

July the 17th

Back from 1 week of Holidays in Barcelona (which, I consider, I deserved largely due to the Habilitation thesis I passed on the 7th of July), I had the honor to lead the discussion session concerning the dark matter searches and its prospects. A lot of interventions, and nice answers/questions to my own questions. I was mainly asking about the meaning of «discovery» in the astroparticle community comparing to the same 5σ meaning in the accelerator community. Thank you Belen for giving me this opportunity. Here a pdf version of my talk.

«Summary of indirect detection [45’]

of dark matter searches in 2014»

Mainz Institute,

Guttenberg University of Mainz

July the 3d

Invited by Stefan Pokorski to this nice city of Mainz (near Frankfurt) I discovered a great city, very well organized institute and some very strange beers and flamenkushe. I had the opportunity to give a 1h seminar/discussion session about the latest results (from XMM Newton to AMS or FERMI) concerning the different indirect detection data released recently. Conclusion? Bha, I think we still do not see anything, and I am not sure indirect detection will never be able to tell us anything except if they observed a monochromatic signal (neutrino or photon).  You can find a .pdf version of my talk there.

PS. Yes, Stefan Pokorski, Lorenzo Calibbi and Bryan Zaldivar are NOT in Puerto-Rico but in Mainz on the photos...

«Histories of Dark Matte», [1h]

Habilitation thesis defense

July the 7th

One of the most stressfull day of the last years. How to solve a combination of technical/transport/logistic issues when you want to present you habilitation thesis in front of a Jury comprised by Keith Olive (from Minneapolis), Andrei Linde (Standford), Lars Bergstrom (Stockholm), Geneviève Bélanger (Annecy), Pierre Binetruy (APC, Paris VII) and Ulrich Ellwanger (Paris XI), adding your girlfriend coming from Moscow, your family from Bretagne, and your best colleague/friend from Brussel (Michel Tytgat). The solution? No idea, but it worked perfectly. I want to thank all these numerous people who came for my habilitation defense, was really a great day8 I presented a series of possible candidates and dark matter scenarios. You can find a .pdf version of my talk there or a keynote version if you prefer.

«Thermal histories of the Universe» [1h + 1h]

Lectures at the LC Physics School

Frauchiemsee, Bavaria, Germany

August 11th-15th

Wow.... I remember having been in the Herrenchiemsee Island when I was 12 to see the crazy copy of the Versailles castle made by Louis II de Bavière. This school very well organized by Gudi (Moortgat-Pick)  her husband Georg (still as good as tennis-table as the first time we played in Moriond 13 years ago!) and Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius. Diverse lectures, mainly based on ILC physics, prospects and some political/diplomatic issue (it really seems we will need to learn some Japanese language before 2024) and geological/earthquake problematics. I gave 2 lectures, one from the primordial point of view here, and the second one concerning the issues of dark matter detection there.

And yes, it was in a true closed isolated monastery!!!

«What did we see in the sky in 2014.. or not.» [30’]

talk at the  Physics Challenges in the face of LHC-14

Madrid, 22nd of September

Before everything, a hugeee thx to Alberto (Casas) and Jesus (Moreno) for the invitation to such a nice workshop. Madrid is clearly my second city, I know it everytime I come back there. By the way, if you want to find the greatest place in Madrid for una racion de calamares or morcillas, not far from Plaza Mayor, ask me please.

In this talk, I mad a review of the latest DM «discoveries» from the 3.5 keVish line observed by XMM Newton, to the multi-PeV events of Icecube passing through the GeV candidate of GC FERMI-LAT. Several questions, I will just retain one : «so from all this candidates, which one should I be concentrate on for my work [Patrick Fox]». My answer : «None of thgem, do not lose your time». You can find my presentation in .pdf format.

«Modeling the 2014 dark matter signal(s?)» [30’]

talk at the  joint IBS-MultiDark Workshop

Daejon, Korea, 10-21 of October

It is always a great pleasure and honor to come to Korea. This workshop was very open, and as the multidarkians were in majority, we all feel like at home, without any hesitation to ask even the sillier question. Almost 10 years since my last trip in Korea, I was almost missing the kimchi.. Until I ate my first ones and remember why I really did not like them ;-) The workshop was concentrate on WIMP dark matter the first week, then axionic physics. Good equilibrium between experimentalists and theoreticians. I was discussing about the recent results and how to model them in the framework of dark matter interpretation. You can already find my talk here.

«2014, a year of dark matter models and signal» [1h]

seminar the KIAS Institute

Seoul, Korea, 20th of October

On my way back to Paris, I stopped to Seoul to give a seminar in KIAS, 10 years after my first visit there!!! I want to thank everyone there, especially the administrative staff, always veryyyy efficient and nice, E.J. Chun for the invitation, and P. Ko and H.M. Lee for there presence and very interesting dicussions! I gave a seminar about the signals observed in dark matter experiments in 2014, but also made a synthesis of the status of the minimal extensions of the Standard Model in view of last LUX and ATLAS results (Higgs-portal, Z-portal and Z’-portal). You can already find my talk here.

«2014, a year of dark matter models and signal» [1h]

seminar the IPN Orsay

Université PAris XI, 6th of November

Ok, ok.... If some of you think that I sometimes lack of originality in  the title of my talks, it just means that I have found the perfect title for 2014. That’s all... More seriously, it will be an updated seminar of the one I gave to KIAS 10 days before, as I consider that French community also deserve some informations on Dark Matter searches, no?  I want to thank particularly Hagop Sazdjian for this invitation, as I always remember him as a great professor of relativistic electromagnetism when I was undergraduate.. You can already find my talk here.

«2014, a year of dark matter models and signal» [1h]

seminar at the Fine Institute of Theoretical Physics

University of Minneapolis, Minnesota, 10th of November

Haaaaaaaaaaa.. What a pleasure to come back for my yearly stay in Minneapolis to meet Keith, Tony and all the Russian team there. between -3 to -10 degrees as soon as we go out from the plane with Emilian. Happiness therapy!! ;-))). And I never forget to visit the Magic Shop in the twin city, the oldest one in the world to discover new secrets. Seminar was cool, it was in front of the Astrophysicists group of the FITP, I enjoyed interesting comments and questions. You can already find my talk here.

«Dark matter signals in 2014» [15 minutes]

talk at the Dark Side of the Universe 2014 conference

University of Cape Town, South Africa, 20th of November

Hey, hey!!! Stop. This is not because the title is the same than the previous one that the talk is the same. In fact a LOT of new results and preliminary results presented here (synchrotron constraints, new FERMI dwarfs, Galactc Center new analysis in gamma..). So before your breakfast, you can already find my talk here. Apart that, to be honest, one of the worst organized conference I attended this year, with a program proposed by P. Dunsby without any discussion with the advisory board, crackpot’ talks, mainly gravity/GR orientated, even not a single talk on direct detection of DM... And prof. Dunsby strange reactions to the remark from the SCO did not arrange the stuffs. Clearly the worst DSU conference I attended. Hopefully, sharks and monkeys were around..

«2014, a year of dark matter models and signal» [1h]

seminar at the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP)

Moscow State University, Moscow, 10th of December

I see, I see... the «mauvaise langue» (sneaky tongue in French) would say that I come quite often to Moscow. Probably indeed (especially preparing the lectures I will give in April there). In any case, I love this city, and it is always a GREAT pleasure to come here (the climate and language spoken there reminds me Minneapolis Fine Institute). Russian seminar are always the most challenging ones, full of mean questions. You can already find my talk there by the way... It was an update of the last signals in 2014, with a public mixed between astroparticle and LHC guys, mainly experimentalists or phenomenologists.


«Histoires de Particules» [1h]

seminar at the

for the Fondation Objectif Grandes Ecoles

Paris, 19th of March

Nice place, a little bit too pushy for me but... It is for the «bonne cause». Mecenats, to raise funds for the «Fondation de France» for whom I work, selecting application to distribute fellowships for young students unable to pay their fees or lodgings. I made a summary (historical and present day) of the research in particle physics, from the LHC to the dark matter and neutrino recent discoveries. My slides (in keynotes) is here [be careful, movies included in the presentation] or the pdf format if you prefer. What a strange experience to give a talk in a place with a hair of Napoleon (truly!!) and some Noble men listening to you their champaign in the hand....

«MeV photons and dark matter searches» [20 mins]

Invited talk for the ASTROGAM workshop

Paris, 27th of March

First of all, I want to thank Aldo for the invitation to this workshop, and more generally, for having proposed me to enter in the ATROGAM consortium. That is a great and new adventure for me to live the process of building an experimental project from (almost) scratch. My talk, for this 2nd workshop, was to justify why the MeV scale is an important unexplored one for the dark matter searches, especially in the gamma spectrum. You can find a pdf version of my talk here.

«Unification and dark matter» [30 minutes]

talk at the GDR Terascale

CEA Saclay, 31st of March

Funny.. Was a looooooooong time I was not participating at the GDR Terascale. I was one of the oldest particupant of the «progenitor» which was the «GDR Susy» led by Pierre Binetruy at the end of last century (time goes fast..). It is always a great pleasure to see the French community and gather around great drinks. I was asked to talk about SO(10), Grand Unification and Dark Matter. 4 days after a talk where I had to justify a MeV dark matter for the consortium ASTROGAM (see below) that was a big step further in energy. That was cool to prepare it in fact. My slides (in keynotes) is here [movies included in the presentation] or the pdf format if you prefer, will be easier to handle. Kiss to Sasha (Pukhov) and Tanya (ypur bottle of Russian wine was fantastic!).

«Unification and dark matter» [1 hour]

seminar at the Skobeltsyn Institute

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow

6th of April

Ok.. Edward (Boos, the head of the Skobeltsyn Institute) got me asking for a long seminar concerning Unification, Dark Matter and detections prospects... Let say that it was a longer and more motivated version of the talk I gave at the GDR the preceding week. Some historical contexts, SU(5) and SO(10) motivations like charge quantizations and dark matter stability, and... A nice epilogue about Cosmic Rays, its history and the influence of professor Skobeltsyn in its discovery. My slides (in keynotes) is here [movies included in the presentation] or the pdf format if you prefer (but you will miss nice animations). Was a hard seminar. Hard questions (russian style: «No!!!! You ARE WRONG!!!») but I survived... By the way, Edward was the star on Russian channel for the LHC restart. Have a look!!

«Particle Physics and Dark Matter» [1 hour]

Discussion session at the Identification of Dark Matter with a Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Universidad Autonoma de MAdrid, 5th of May

So so happy to come back in Madrid. I always felt at home there, and I want to thank especially the organizers, Fabio Iocco in particular, for having invited me in this workshop. Very dynamic one, a lot of discussions, interesting talks, and exceptional evenings!! Honestly one of the greatest workshop I had recently. No .pdf version of my talk as it was mainly a discussion session.

«Light hidden sector and dark matter» [35 minutes]

Opening talk at the HPS conference

IPN Orsay, 1st of June

It was a surprise and an honor to give the opneing talk at the annual HPS (Heavy Photon Search) conference. A completely new talk, just focussing on the MeV range dark matter searches and the present theoretical status concerning the model building and combined constraints on such models. Great discussions after my talk. You can find a pdf version of my talk there.

«4 lectures on Dark Matter» [4 x 2h]

Serial of lectures given at JINR

Dubna, Russia 17-18-19th of November

As you can imagine easily, November in JINR Dubna (140 kms North-West of Moscow) is quite cold. Even already quite very cold!! Plane, metro, train, taxi, and you arrive in a nice historical place, which seems like isolated from the rest of the world. A peaceful place where the spirit of the communist «old-school» with the Landau/Bogolioubov seminar style surrounds you. I gave there 4 lectures (next to the historical Pontecorvo office) on different phenomenological aspects of dark matter. You can find them Primordial, Properties and Detection (the second and third lecture are grouped in the file «properties»).

«Dark matter: a phenomenologist point of view» [1h]

Seminar at the String Group, University Tore Vergata

Roma, 30th of October

An incredible pleasure to come back in the Eternal City. Rome. i feel Gladiator, Michelangelo and the pope at the same time. And this hummus prepared by Aldo [Morselli] before inviting us to this incredible fish restaurant made my stay perfect! But more pragmatically, I proposed a completely new talk that I hope they enjoyed about model building dark sector! You can find the .pdf version here.

«Une histoire de Matière Noire» [1h]

Public lecture [in French]

LPT Orsay, 22th of October

A great pleasure to summarize the state of the art to the «non-scientific» community of our University. People working in the administration, technical staff, mail deliverers, door keeper, etc etc.. People were very interested, especially to see «who is doing what» in the lab. Some familiar names like «Planck», «Dark Matter» or «Higgs Bosons» that they see everyday written on posters of conferences took (I hope) a sense. The lecture can be found there.

«Modelling Dark Matter» [30 mins]

review talk at the IBS/Multidark Workshop

Madrid, Spain, 23-28th of November

Such a pleasure to come back in Madrid. I feel like at home everytime. Ok. I wanted to test a new hotel, puerta del sol. First time I see ashower with a UV system inseide to have tanned skin while showering (see photo). Music system included too. A brand new talk where I discussed the different ways to build dark matter models. You can find the pdf version of my talk here.

«Modelling Dark Matter» [30 mins]

Talk at the DSU 2015 conference

Kyoto, Japan, 15th of December

Carlos, Keith, Aldo.. the three mosketeers were there again, in this incredibly beautiful city of Kyoto. And in the middle of the conference, this crazy diphoton resonance  on which I did not sleep 3 nights to release the work on time. Superb organization. And the visit of the office of Yukawa, stayes as it was when he dies was also a strong moement.

You can find the pdf version of my talk there.

«Diary of a dark matter phenomenologist» [1h]

Seminar at Mac Gill University, 2nd February

First of all, I want to thank warmly James Cline for such an invitation. All was fantastic, from the hotel, to the restaurant, the city and the people. That was my first trip to Montreal, Canada, on the border of Saint Laurent river discovered by Jacques Cartier, Breton (from Saint-Malo) like me. I will surely come back!

You can find the pdf version of my talk here.


«Diary of a dark matter phenomenologist» [1h]

Seminar at Chicago University, 5th February

Mmmmm.. Ok, ok. It is the same title that the talk I gave 3 days before in Montreal? Yes, sure. But I did some modificaiton (for the best of course!!!). Thank you Dan for the invitation, the Eckhardt center is really wonderful, right in front of the place where the first chain reactions was realised in 1942!

You can find the pdf version of my talk here.

«Diary of a dark matter phenomenologist» [1h]

Seminar at University of Minneapolis

10th of February

Cold and warm at the same time, as every year, here I am in this city of Minneapolis to work with Keith and his students... Always a great pleasure to be here. Learning a lot everyday.

You can find the pdf version of my talk here.

«A Dark Matter (Hi)story» [3h]

Lectures at IPM Teheran

26th of November

Teheran, Ispahan, Persepolis, Chiraz... 3000 years looks at us in this incredible country, full of incredibly warmly people who gave me one of the most beautiful experience of my life. Yasaman Fazran and her husband Shahim who invited me was just amazing. Thanks a lot!! I gave there a 3 hours lecture on the historical aspects of dark matter hypothesis, based on the original articles.

You can find the pdf version of my talk here, or the keynotes if you prefer.

«Voir l’Invisible» [20 min]

Seminar for Art Exhibition in Nancy, France

2nd of December

In January, administrators of an Art Gallery in Nancy phoned me because they read one of my comments on and article of «Le Monde» concerning dark matter. As they planned to gather modern artist on the thematic of «Eigengrau, the visible invisible», they asked me to write a text for the catalog and give a seminar of divulgation. Fantastic experience.

You can find the pdf version of my talk here, or the slides in keynotes format if you prefer.


«A minimal model of gravitino dark matter» [35 min]

Talk at the 3d Saha theory workshop

Kolkata, 18th of January

Always a special feeling to come back to India. For my sixth trip in this country, I proposed to expose a new model of gravitino dark matter we developped with Karim, Yifan and Emilian, in the framework of non-linear-MSSM. Working in High SUSY scale models, we opened (I think) a new pandora box. You can find the pdf version of my talk here, or the slides in keynotes format if you prefer. Superb organization, Thx Koushik!!!

«The Vectorial Self Interacting Dark Matter» [15 min]

Talk at the France-Korea (FKPPL) Workshop, Strasbourg, May 10th

    A new paradigm opening a Pandora Box. This project, lead by Hyun Min Lee showed how a vectorial strongly interacting dark matter can solve many of the tensions existing for WIMP. You can find the pdf version of my talk here, or the presentation in keynotes format if you prefer (Strasbourgg is a superb city by the way, that I discovered for the first time.)

«Minimal gravitino dark matter» [30 min]

Talk at the Olive fest, May 19th

    Haaa.... Keith... Who becomes a friend before even becoming a great collaborator. You cannot imagine what I owe you, but first of all, a respectful consideration for the man yiu are. You can find the pdf version of my talk here, or the presentation in keynotes format if you prefer

«A model of gravitino dark matter» [30 min]

Talk at the 14th Multidark consolider meeting

May 25th

    «Welcome home» were the first words Carlos (Munoz) told me when he saw me at the conference room. I have to admit, yes, I feel at home in Madrid. I feel at home at the IFT. I feel at home with all its kind members. Really. You can find the pdf version of my talk here, or the presentation in keynotes format if you prefer, and even the video here

«Historical aspects of gravitino dark matter» [40 min]


«Historical aspects of the Dark Matter hypothesis»

Seminar at King’s College, May 6th and May 7th

    My first time in King’s college!! Thx Jeremie for the invitation!! You can find the pdf version of my talk here and there, or the presentation in keynotes format if you prefer

CP3 lecture (15 + 45 minutes lectures)

Odense, Denmark, June 26th

    An honour to have been given the opportunity to give lecture in such a prestigeous center. You can find the pdf version of my talk here in pdf and there in keynote.

«Dark Matter and Early Universe Cosmology»

GGI conference, Galileo Galilei Center, Florence, 9th of October

    Thank you MArco (Battaglia) and Abdelhak (Djouadi) for your invitation, in a city of Florence, land of my ancestors. I love this city and Toscana in general. This time I did not miss the fingers of Galileo (in its Museum) and his grave (in Santa-Crocce)!! You can find the pdf version of my talk here in pdf and there in keynotes.