I propose you some of the lectures I gave recently for different levels.

« De la supersymmetry à la matière noire»

(in French, level L3)

This lecture is a summary of particle physics world from the basic insights to string inspired scenario following the path of gauged symmetries. It has been given at the ENS ULM, Paris.  You can find a summary here or the original talk there.

Le siècle des révolutions

The first volume of my book «Le siècle des révolutions»  (in French) gives a nice insight of the revolutions observed in Physics in the last century. From the discovery of radioactivity to the measurment of cosmological microwave background, you will cross the J.J. Thomson, E. Rutherford, M. Planck, N. Bohr and their original articles comented and placed in their historical context. Unpublished photos and documents help to understand the thread of scientific discoveries. 

« Aspects of Dark Matter Phenomenology»

(Level M2)

This lecture concerns different dark matter aspects from the relic density computation to the direct and indirect modes of detection. Basic knowledge in firld theory are required.

It has been given in the African Institute of Mathematical Science (AIMS) Senegal and South Africa in 2013.

« Dark Matter and physics beyond the Standard Model»

(Level M1)

Proposition of lecture given to the Ecole Polytechnique in the framework of the Master «High Energy Physics» in 2014

« Dark matter: from the primordial Universe to its detection modes»

(English, M2/PhD level)

These lectures have been given in different High Energy Physics summer schools and is mainly aim to particle students who wants to have an overview of the fundamental principles of the thermal history of the Universe (first part) and the possibilities of dark matter detections (second part).

« Histories of particles in the dark Universe»

(Level M2)

Series of lectures given in Moscow State University in 2014 and 2015, level M2.

«Histories of Dark Matter»

(Level M2/PhD)

This is a serial of lectures I gave in University of Paris ED PIF) and Dubna School in 2015. 5 lectures from the thermal history of the Universe to the properties of dark matter and its detection modes. Each lecture is about 2 hours long.

Lecture 0 : An historical perspective.

Histories of dark matter hypothesis based uniquely on the original historical articles.

pdf version or keynote version .

Lecture 1 : A thermal history of the primordial Universe.

Thermo-statistic of relativistic gas; kinetic/chemical equilibrium; Notion of decoupling; specific case of the neutrino; notion of reheating. pdf version or keynote version.

Lecture 2: The Boltzmann equation.

Hot dark matter case; cold dark matter; exception; application to simple models.

pdf version or keynote version.

Lecture 3: The properties of Dark Matter.

Specific cases; WIMP; WIMPZILLA; FIMP; Warm dark matter.

pdf version or keynote version.

Lecture 4 and 5 :

Direct and indirect detection of Dark Matter.

Theoretical principle, experimental status.

pdf version or keynote version.

« Histoires de Particules»

(in French, ground level)

This lecture was given at the Hotel Langsdorff in Paris in 2015 for a raising-fund charity. This is a 45 minutes lecture at the ground level concerning the historical and scientific aspects of the evolution of High Energy Physics from earth to sky during the 20th century. You can access the pdf version or the pages version (better as there are animations).

« MOOC «BSM Physics»


These 2 videos are a summary of the state of the art of BSM physics and dark matter searches. You can find the videos here and there.