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We include in this page the list of the articles we discussed in our recent Journal Clubs, with the link to the original manuscript. The comments are under the responsability of their own authors, ie ourself. If you want to be added to the mailing list,  write to the magic board. If you are just interested in the historical articles, you can directly go to the History session.
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4th of  November

Higgs coupling to charm

New limit on EDM

First results for DD with LUX experiment

Bounds on Higgs:light scalar mixing

Effect of non instant thermalization on reheating temperature

Rutherford model of atom.


21st of October

Equivalent gauge/equivalence theorem

Neutrino bkgd and DD

Meaning of 5sigma

Icecube and decaying dark matter

Bohr model of atoms

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12th of  November

Mono-Higgs production at LHC

EDM and new physics

Higgs alignment

First hint of thermodynamics equlilibrium in haloes

Isospin-violating DM and LUX


27th of  November

Higgs to tau tau

Non-thermal DM and inflaton

Invisible Higgs

Lepton-quark interaction

LUX and light WIMP

Higgs bremsstrahlung

B -> K*mu+mu- anomaly

Higgs in warped 5D

Vortex Atom (1867)

18th of  November

LUX and DM models

Higgs coupling at high p_T

Invisible Higgs at ILC/TLEP

Bounding the Higgs width at LHC

Monchromatic γ-ray line

Reflection about direct detection

Bose article (1924)

9th of  December

CMS hints Higgs to fermions

Dirac gluinos

Icecube and self-interacting DM

Twin Higgs

How to observe excited DM?

New T-quarks limits

Dark Z at LHC

Michelson-Morley (1887)


13th of  January

Electroweak phase and Higgs coupling

Out of equilibrium baryogenesis

Non-thermal DM at LHC

Trilinear Higgs self-coupling

Multiphoton/multilepton and SUSY

Poincare (1905)


6th of  January

Z’ and DM : LUX/LHC combined

Higgs from the top

Discharged from millicharged

Higgs self coupling

Higgs to gamma gamma principle

The price of AMS02

Millikan (1913)

20th of  January

CoGeNT and annual modulation

Neutrinoless double beta decay

BBN in mirror sectors

Gravitational effect on annual modulation

Anti-helium from dark matter

Born and the first article proposing to «forget about determism» in quantum mechanics (1926)

10th of  February

Selectron/smuon NLSP

Helioseismology and DM

AMS02 and SNR

Qweak experiment

γ anisotropies at FERMI

Z’ at ILC

Z -> γ γ

The Steady State Universe (1948)

Einstein was human

3d of  February

Higgs constraints on stop


Coy Dark Matter

Higgs and Coleman-Weinberg

Earth velocity

Last CoGeNT result

CMB + BBN constraint on Neff

CTA perspective

Roemer and first determination of the speed of light (1676)

24th of  February

Sterile Monochromatics?



Vectorial DM

Weak gravity Conjecture

Front war, 1916

And much more..

24th of  March


and discussions

Hooperon DM

Axial Dark Matter

Coy Dark Matter

Compton (1923)

and the discovery of the photon.


3d of  March

Benchmark DM scenario


b to s gamma

Electroweak vacuum angle

FERMI, 1 GeV and DM Signal from GC

Lepton portal DM

eXciting DM and keV line

When Fitzgerald meets Lorentz (1889)

31st of  March


Higgs width

Gravitino and  keV line

Unitarity bound at LHC

t -> q H

De Broglie/Wave-particle duality


14th of  April

Axion and intermediate scale

3.5 keV annihilating DM

Hooperon or millipulsars?

Axion at XENON100

PLANCK/BICEP and sterile neutrino

Something around 1908

5th of  May

Exotic Higgs decay

No dinosaurs

3.55 keV in Milky Way and M31

(g-2) at MAMI

3.55 keV line and Magnetic DM

B-Modes and Galactic Loops

Vectorial Hooperon

1st of September

3.5 keV in Galaxies

CTA sensitivity

Effective approach

An astro explanation for DAMA (!!)

Icecube and Superheavy DM

PandaX, china’s first results in DD

Annihilating asymmetric DM

7th of October

Singlino DM at LHC

Electroweak baryognesis at colliders

Minimal decaying DM at LHC

BICEP2 vs PLANCK dusts

DAMA/Collar answer to oscillation

AMS interpretation, pulsar or DM?

Best ALP limit from HB stars

Bulbul answer to Profumo (3.5 keV)

27th of October

Of contact interaction at colliders

Ultraviolet freeze in

Last results of FERMI  sympsosium

Superheavy DM and dark radiation

Signal of axions from the sun?

UHECR on your cellphone

17th of November

top forward-backward

b to s gamma

FERMI dwarf limits

GC excess and the «Foxon»

GC and millisecond pulsars

Morphology of the 3.5 keV line

V. Hess and his Balloon (1912)

1st of December

Rare exclusive decays of the Z

Post-inflationary Higgs

Weniger on the GC excess

Z’ mediator on GC excess

See-saw and Higgs stability

Icecube latest

ANITA balloon

12th of January

Top mass interpretation

One loop in EFTs

ANITA is launched

3.5 keV line and decaying DM

Stabilizing the Higgs with a Z’

Dark Matter 2014




2nd of March


ICARUS and ν oscillation

Orbifold Higgs

Asymmetric DM in the Sun

Running in the dark sector

Dark matter in SO(10)

Pseudo-scalar portal DM

New physics and UHE neutrinos

16th of February

Planck and Inflation

BaBar and long-lived scalar

Dynamical induced Planck Scale

B-modes after PLANCK

Galactic dark halo simulations

Evidence for DM in the inner MW

Icecube spectra

FERMI limit for DM in LMC

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