A page with a lot of original historical articles can be found here and an impressive collection of english ones can be found in Classical Scientific Papers.

You will found the annoted historical papers discussed in the Magic Monday Journal Club in this page.


On this page you will find a nice physics world

Missing particle?

For a complete list of Z’ searches have a look there whereas Higgs life and destiny can be read here.

Traveling Physics?

For visiting place of interest linked with our discipline, have a look here.

Dark Matter searches

A really complete up to date website with the more recent artciles on the subject can be found around the Dark Matter Hunters.

In Nomine Pater

You can find all the participant of the best Magic Monday Journal Club ever there. God bless Physics and his pupils.


A funny and deep link on

my work and the philosophical world..

N-body simulation

Just by curiosity, I let you see the evolution between the first N-body simulation made by the brothers in 1972 with 120 particles, and the last one made in 2013, «the most detailed simulation of our universe» with billions of particles. I let you be charmed by the beauty of such «visions» of our Universe.

HEP news

On this page you will find lot of very interesting news concerning High Energy Physics, from accelerators to dark matter searches passing through political issues and administrative news.