I am researcher at CNRS in the LPT of University Paris Saclay since 2004, director of research (DR) since 2015, member of the Scientific Council of the CNRS since 2019, member of the Comité de Pilotage of the University Paris Saclay, member of the organizing comity of Ecole de GIF since 2007.   You will find in this page my recent physics activities and research works. My world of research is mainly focused on dark matter model building, detections and primordial Universe. I work also on supersymmetry and supergravity extensions of the Standard Models. I am also member of the  Particle and Astroparticle phenomenology group of UAM Madrid where I have been appointed associate professor in 2017, and member of the consortium astroGAM.

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Le siècle des Révolutions

The first volume of my book le siècle des révolutions  (in French) gives a nice insight of the revolutions observed in Physics in the last century. From the discovery of radioactivity to the measurement of cosmological microwave background, you will cross the J.J. Thomson, E. Rutherford, M. Planck, N. Bohr and their original articles commented and placed in their historical context. Unpublished photos and documents help to understand the thread of scientific discoveries. 

Histories of Fark Matter in the Universe

In this book (in English) I review the aspects of dark matter phenomenology, from the reheating time to the present limits on the detection of Dark Matter. It can be used as an introductory textbook for students as well as a toolbox where we tried to unify conventions and units from the cosmological, astrophysical and particle physics scale.

Et Fiat Lux

I have compiled in this book the groundbreaking articles of the XXth century. Of course, I have chosen them and commented the historical context and how each articles became so famous in our field afterwards.

Research activity

My research activity travels from string inspired dynamics to accelerator physics and dark matter searches

Dark Matter

The dark matter  constitutes around 85% of the matter of the Universe and is an active field of research since his existence was postulated by Fritz Zwicky in 1933. Even if its existence now is doubtless, his nature is completely unknown.

Accelerator searches

Particle physics searches and modeling cannot avoid looking at collider searches where a large amount of energy allows to recreate the conditions existing some seconds after the Big Bang where the fundamental spectrum of particle physics were available. In our work, we try to use the complementarity between astroparticle and accelerator searches to constraint different scenarios

Supergravity, string  inspired scenarios

String theory and its field extension supergravity is nowadays the only built and testable model unifying gravitation with microscopic forces. We tried  to explore different constructions of that type to look at physical consequences on dark matter detections.

5 articles to read before sleeping

To have an idea of my research activity, you can have a look here for an example of supersymmetry phenomenology whereas an example of string inspired study can be found in this paper. For an example of dark matter smoking gun signals have a look at this work whereas an analysis on the influence of dark matter on  Higgs physics can be found in this paper. The possible existence of a dark force is discussed here.

PhD Thesis

The subject of my PhD thesis was the decay of supersymmetric particles in the MSSM. The thesis was supervised by A. Djouadi

at the LPMT of the University of Montpellier II (now LUPM). We computed the decay rates of supersymmetric chargino, neutralino and squark with 2, 3 and 4 body final states (in the case of the stops). The defense to obtain the grade of doctor of University of Paris XI was held in Montpellier on October 5th 2001.


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The Magic Monday Journal Club

Since 2009, Every Monday (at least the one where two magicians of Orsay are present) we organize with Adam Falkowski the Magic Monday Journal Club. The aim of this Journal Club is to discuss the articles released during the preceding week, and concerning accelerator physics, model building and dark matter aspects of Physics Beyond the Standard Model and original historical articles. You are welcome to join us. Send me an email to be added to the guest list.


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Ecole de Gif


If you are interested in historical articles which made evolution of our science, you might be interested by this page.

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  1. PuceNew book released !!!  «Et Fiat Lux» where I compiled and explained the groundbreaking articles of the XXth century!!!! Do not miss it.

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  3. Puce New historical article: «Disintegration of Uranium by Neutrons: A New Type of Nuclear Reaction» by L. Meitner and O. Frisch in the page History.

  4. Puce New historical article: Oort, 1932, first appearance of Dark Matter!

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