I include here the different report of stage, or manuscript thesis of my different students during the last years.

«Lepton Flavor Violation and Dark Matter Phenomenology»


By Bryan Zaldivar

PhD thesis (2010-2013)

In his thesis, Bryan worked with me on the dark matter aspects of different extensions of the Standard Model. From model building perspective to direct and indirect detection prospect, production at LHC and even alternative thermal scenarii. This gifted student also worked with A. Casas about flavor violation processes. He had several post-doc offers and is now working with Michel Tytgat in Brussels. We wrote several papers together, including a PRL.

«La Matière Noire»


By Audrey Menival

Stage M1 at the LPT / June 2006

Audrey came at the LPT to see me, sent by her professor Asmaa Abada, telling me that she was apaasionate by Dark Matter and wanted to know more about the subject. She made a 3 months stage where she learnt the basics of dark matter searches and candidates. She is now Ingeneer at le laboratory Astroparticle and Cosmology (APC) in Paris.

«Detection of WIMP Dark Matter»


By Andreas Goudelis

PhD thesis (2007-2010)

Andreas was a very nice student, working very well. He was financed by the HEPtools project for 2 years, plus 6 months in Padova where he also colaborated. We worked on different extensions of the standard model, from Supersymmetry to Higgs portal passing through more effective approaches. He then had a 2 years post-doc position in Hamburg and is now in Annecy for the next year.  We wrote several papers together.

«Dark Matter and Higgs Physics at LHC»


By Federica Giacchino

tesi di Laura (2012)

Federica came to meet me because she wanted to make a PhD thesis in particle physics, more precisely a field linked with cosmology. Dark matter was then the most obvious subject, borderline between the two fields. In the meantime, she was present with me on the 4th of July 2012 when the LHC announced the discovery of the Higgs boson. We then combined DM searches and Higgs searches for this report.

«Primordial Abundance in the Universe and Dark Matter Detection»


By Satya Gontcho

Stage M2 (2011)

Satya came one day, sent by hersel and NOT by professor Asmaa Abada (right!!), because she wanted to work in a subject linked with theoretical cosmology. As I told her, we work here in LPT in particle and high energy physics, so I decided to make her work on the solutions to the Boltzman equation. You need some cosmological insights on it. She is young (3 years in advance) clearly gifted and gave a very good seminar on the subject (for which she had the best grades in her discipline). She is now doing her PhD thesis in Barcelona in cosmological experimental project BOSS.

«Higgs Physics Beyond the Standard Model»


By Jeremie Quevillon

PhD thesis (2011-2014)

Jeremie was an interesting PhD student, with an accurate sense of curiosity. He began to work in supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model, focussing in the Higgs sector. We then collaborate in the Higgs portal dark matter framework. These 2 first publications were quite successful. We then worked on different projects like FIMP dark matter, extra U(1) or vectorial dark matter. In all these projects he showed a great interest and took a major part in the results we obtained, numerically as from the phenomenological part. He will go to join the Imperial College with John Ellis in September. We wrote several papers together, including a PRL.

«Dark Matter in the munuSSM»

Daniel Lopez

Post-Doc (2010-2012)

Daniel was my post-doc under the ANR funds. He stayed 2 years in Paris and published several works on the munuSSM. He then obtained a position in University of Buenos Aires (Daniel is Argentinian) and develop his own group now. You can have a look to  his papers.

«Dark Matter i the early Universe in presence of unified gauge groups»


By Nadège Lemarchand

Stage L3 (2014)

Ok. To be honnest with you, L3 Stage (3d years of University) is clearly not what excites me the more. (Now I told you that, I am just trying to rememeber which kind of internship can really excites me in anyway..). But Nadège came. From Britanny like me. Seemed very curious about our field, and showed great interest. I put her on a thermal history of the Universe (degrees of freedom and all that) and then to compute some relics in the case of E6 models. Surprisingly, she did good. Funny worker. Very open and always happy to learn new things (Heeyyy, do not misinterpret it ok!!!!!!). We’ll see what she can do in a near future.. You can find her presentation there.

«Phenomenologies of Physics Beyond Standard Model»

By Lucien Heurtier

PhD thesis (2012-2015)

I worked with Lucien from 2012 till 2015 who made his PhD thesis under the official direction of Emilian Dudas from the CPhT of Ecole Polytechnique. We first worked on analysis of dark matters with the presence of an extra U(1) Z’ possessing anomalous coupling to SU(3) gauge sector, and its detection prospects at LHC. We then looked in detail the possibility to explain the 3.5 keV line observed in nearby clusters of Galaxies with a light annihilating dark matter. Lucien is a really strong student and hard-worker who will have, I predict, a great avenir in our field. You can find a list of his publication there.

«Cosmic neutrinos and a brief synopsis of

decoupling of fundamental particles from the

thermal bath»


By Saunak Dutta

Stage M1 (2015)

Saunak arrived one afternoon in February, super-motivated to make his master stage of Polytechnique with me. I was over-busy this year, and really did not plan to take any students. Finally he insisted so much, showing to me how motivated he is, that I decided to take him for 6 weeks. I asked him to understand the decoupling of neutrinos in thermal bath, and to apply it to an hypothetical light dark matter candidate. He did his job very well, as you can see by yourself in his presentation there.

«Dark matter and physics beyond the standard

model with an extra U(1)’ gauge structure»


By Mathias Pierre

Stage M2 (2015)

Mathias Pierre came to see me in December 2014 to ask for a training period (M2) at the LPT on dark Matter, to continue on a PhD thesis. I refused first and then decided to accept. Mathias already had a publication with FERMI collaboration so already knew all the fundamental basis of dark matter searches. During the stage, he learned how to deal with unified theories of type SO(10) and E6, and compute direct detection cross section in models with extra Z’. You can see his presentation there.