Why a four year old child could understand this.

Run out and get me a four year old child,

I can't make head or tail out of it.

Groucho in «Duck Soup»

You can easily find articles of science divulgation (even very well made) in monthly magazines explaining quite clearly an entire field or a discipline (dark matter, string theory, Higgs mechanism..). On the other way, when a friend or a family member during this boring wedding of your niece asks you «and what are you precisely doing now», you always have to explain this rotation curves, or space-time paradoxes and curvatures, solar eclipses of 1919 etc etc.. This page is an attempt to link REAL and modern research articles and to explain a precise work, a definite article as I would try to explain to my nephew, or to Cedric and Jipé after our Monday footing around one... two.. mmm ok, maybe more beers. So please, enjoy to read it as I enjoyed to write it!!!

Yann, after some beers (Hoegaarden)

Dark Matter searches

You can find on this video (in spanish) a nice summary of the developments and works made in the framework of the Multidark consolider project. This video is very pedagogical and covers all the aspects of the field. You can also find the Youtube link there.

Fundamental experiments of the XXIth century

A lot of fundamental experiments have been launched since the beginning of our century. I propose here to let some of the world specialist of each of them to tell us a little bit more about their detectors, the results they obtained and their prospects. We will begin by the PLANCK experiments described by Bartjan Van Tent (from PLANCK), reseacher at the LPT Orsay, University Paris XI.


There were several interviews concerning my work in popular or general newspaper. You can find for instance La matière noire enfin détectée ? published in the «Journal du CNRS or Les frémissements de la matière noire published in «Le Monde». You can also find a description of one on my work in the review Sciences et Vie (2015).

Actual research for dummies

I propose here a presentation for some of my articles I wrote, in terms accessible with a basic knowledge of Physics.


Some nice videos to understand the world of particle physics:

The mystery of neutrino mass and  the T2K experiment


I was asked to write the introduction of a modern art exibhition «Eigengrau, the visible in the invisible» in 2015 at Nancy. here it is:

Poussières d’Eingengrau


Here you can find a radio show in the National Radio «France Bleue»  where I explained in 2015 the importance of the Fundation whose I  am member of the Scientific Selecting  Committee

Emission de Radio